To ensure your skin care products are all animal-friendly, watch out for the following ingredients:

3 of the most popular animal derived ingredients in skin care to avoid!

 To ensure your skin care products are all animal-friendly, read the ingredient list carefully and look out for the following:

Beeswax- Beeswax is considered an animal ‘by-product’ because it is produced from the honeycomb made by busy bees. It is commonly used in natural cosmetics as an emulsifier or thickener – an ingredient that helps the water and oil elements of a cream bind together. Beeswax also forms the basis of balms, which create a protective barrier on the skin. Though beeswax is a great natural ingredient, it is not absorbed well by the skin, and because it can’t penetrate the epidermis, it can also suffocate sensitive skin and block pores.

Lanolin- Used in a lot of mainstream hair and skincare products for its moisturizing and emulsifying qualities, lanolin is extracted from the oil glands of wool-bearing sheep.

Retinol -Vitamin A is great for the skin but it’s important to note that it exists in two forms. Retinol is the animal-derived form and can be found in many anti-aging skin care products.

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